The “Dorot Senior Center” in the Zevulun Valley

 | עדכון אחרון: 26/05/2015 19:43

“Dorot” (“Generations”), a non-profit organization senior center in the Zevulun Valley, is building a new community center for local senior citizens, in collaboration with the Zevulun regional council.

The goal is to provide dignified and respectful services for the seniors from the region, who have participatedSS in building the land and nation.

The “Dorot” center, which will be built in an overall area of 2,300 square meters, will be of a familial, intimate nature, and cater to the

seniors’ needs in various areas: occupation, education, health, culture and leisure.

The cost of building the center is approximately 12 million New Israeli Shekels.

Up to now, The “Dorot” organization has raised 8 million NIS for this purpose, and it calls for additional partners to join it in this important social-zionistic mission.




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